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The project SEEK explores the sense of seeking as a human sense beyond the established five for the Toronto’s Winter Station Competition. History shows how the attempt or desire to achieve something has always been embedded within the human behaviours. Seeking new worlds, your primitive roots, gender identities, harmonious relation and innate feelings. Everyone is seeking for an existential quest.

People who fit don’t seek, people who don’t fit seek”

The area around the lifeguard stand becomes a space that encourages and triggers the sense of seeking. Red sculptural objects are placed, apparently in a chaotic order, but actually in a way that users seek different messages from two vantage points. From far away the objects display the word seek, while from the lifeguard stand a series of distorted letters reveal the aims of seeking. Visitors are free to interact with the objects in many ways such as seating, aligning sights or just seeking around.

SEEK explores the sense of seeking by letting the final users interact with the space. The space is designed with an algorithm that project every shape from a specific point of view.

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