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Studio Space on the last floor of Palmkernolspeicher, an 1885 Berlin brick building once used as a storage facility for palm oil. The 135 m2 space is used as a concept of working/living divided vertically based on their function. The ground floor is an open space with a living, sleeping, kitchen, bathroom, and a large area for mixed activities (table tennis, aerial yoga, small concerts, movies). The second floor hosts an open bedroom and a music studio with a piano, a drum set, a mixer, and microphones. The last floor is the Studio that includes a series of relaxing areas, a small library, and a sound system. The large windows face the Rummelsburger Bay where the Insola project is floating. We decided to fill the space with large tree-like plants to create a natural feeling combining water and plants. Additionally, the plants purify the indoor air, increasing the air quality and indoor comfort. 

The floor of the studio space is a metal grid to guarantee that lights and air can circulate through. This system creates in combination with a series of ventilators, an upstream of hot air towards the roof window. The ventilators blow the hot air out through the window, drastically reducing the temperature. This Studio Space is a unique place in Berlin being a creative revitalisation of Palmkernolspeicher, an old building that was struggling to have a new life.