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Studio PBerg

Studio Pberg is a studio apartment located in the well-known district of Prenzlauerberg in Berlin. The high ceiling, the wooden floor, and the bathroom stone tiles define this simple and compact apartment. 

The main space includes a small kitchen, a double bed, a working table, and a dining table. Additionally, a small balcony provides plenty of light and fresh air for the residents. The apartments have extra features as the projector screen hanging on the ceiling for watching movies directly from the bed.

The large bathroom, covered with stone tiles, is a peculiarity for this apartment. A spacious, bright, and comfortable bathroom enhances an excellent experience for residents. They can lay and relax in the bathtub while indirect light comes through the large windows.

Classic and contemporary design objects enrich Studio PBerg, creating a pleasing and nice studio apartment. The sleeping area is equipped with natural beech furniture like Tojo Bett and a Tojo cube to enhance a sense of comfort and coziness. The white lamp standing next to the bed is the AJ table light designed by Arne Jacobsen in 1957. The table standing near the entrance is the famous Eiermann frame 1, designed by Ego Eiermann in 1953.