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Parco Margherita

The flat is an 80 m2 one-bedroom apartment situated in the heart of Chiaia, the beautiful and residential centrally located neighborhood of Naples. The apartment is on the 3rd floor of a 20th centuries architecture with load-bearing masonry walls and high ceilings. The goal was to design a new interior layout with detailed drawings of the kitchen and the bathroom. Having traveled around the world, the client has a strong passion for different cultures and varied cuisine.
The kitchen is a space where the guests can discover this passion with a series of open cabinets that showcases fruits, nuts, legumes, pasta, and cans as art pieces in an exhibition.
The bathroom integrated the desire of nature and plants discovered within the client’s travels. Dark green tiles with a dark grout are placed on the floor while white tiles with a green grout are chosen for the walls.

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Naples, italy