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The Insola is a free space in Berlin for art, music, and performances at the center of Rummelsburger Bay.
The shortage of creative space in Berlin is a bitter reality. Culture is disappearing and has been pushed to the edges of the city. The Insola is an approach in the opposite direction, a shift from land to water to reestablish cultural activities within the city’s boundaries. This project aims to create a community of artists and open-mind people with the same intent of keeping a lively cultural scene in Berlin.

We design the space as a blue framework delivering a flexible architectural artifact that adapts its structure for different projects. The main deck is 12 m2 (3×4 meters), and the tower is 7.5 m in height. Our mission was to enable people to connect with the water by building a space where everyone could stay and share their values within a community. We encourage anyone from Berlin and outside to use the Insola and to create a free culture for everyone.

The Rummelsburger Bay is a 1.6 km long bay between the Stralau peninsula and Lichtenberg. Directly connected to the Spree, the main river in Berlin, the Rummelsburger Bay is used by people as a free recreational area. Despite bottom-up resistance, this last free space will be lost due to a series of new constructions such as a new aquarium “Coral World”.

Propose an idea and use the space of the Insola for free to develop your art project in Berlin. Get in touch by email or by phone!

The Sponsor

The project was not possible without the support of our sponsor and the people that help us build the structure.
Rohrverbinder-onlineshop provided the whole aluminum construction.
Fundemax provided water-resistant and high-density floorboards.
Holzposslinger the wooden beams underneath the floor.

Floor Sponsor

Wood Sponsor


Kan Suzuki


Pauline Cremer