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One large ground floor apartment divided into two 75 m2 flats situated in the heart of Prenzlauer Berg, the elegant and residential centrally located district of Berlin. The apartment is on the ground floor of a 20th centuries architecture with direct access to the basement. The goal was to design a new interior layout for two short terms renting apartments.
Each apartment has a living area and bedrooms at the ground level, where natural light and ventilation are higher, while bathrooms and lounge are located in the basement.
Due to the scarcity of natural light, we decided to utilize light colors for the walls and the floor. For the first, we recommend the removal of the spoiled plaster to retrieve the original brick structure and after to paint them white. Similarly, the existing dark wooden floor is replaced with contemporary self-leveling concrete with white pigments.
For the bathroom, the iconic tiles “Confetti” from Ceramica Vogue are selected with different patterns and colors. The taps are stainless steel integrated elements from the Swiss brand “Vola”.