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Contact 01000110 Design Studio

Contact 01000110 Design Studio by coming to Friedrichshain on the last floor of Palmkernolspeicher, an 1885 brick building once used as a storage facility for palm oil. We designed the space to function as a flexible living apartment and a studio on the upper floor with large windows on Rummelsburger Bay (check the project here!).



We are always happy to talk about design, architecture, and the death of heteronormativity, drop by our Berlin studio for a cup of coffee, a bowl of quinoa, or just a tea. You can find us in the Studio from Monday to Friday between 10:00 to 19:00. Due to the current COVID situation, it is best to stay safe and keep a physical distance but you can still get in touch with us.


If you want to discuss a future project in Havana, Naples, or in another city please get in touch by email or phone.

You can send us an email at including your name, the reason for contacting us, and your favorite movie!

If you want to speak with us:
In English: 0049 17663802381
In German or Spanish: 0049 1798301020
In Italian: 0039 3482537835



Legal Information

01000110 GbR – Federico Forestiero Fiete Wullf

Am Speicher 11-15

10245, Berlin

Steuernummer: 14/600/00851